Mr. Peter Veit

Sigma Engineered Solutions (Sigma) has been a “go to” design firm for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services for over eight (8) years…The design quality is second to none and construction was completed as designed…Mr. Reggie Adams was our Project Manager throughout design and construction and did a superb job in staying in constant communication with the contractor and pushing when and where needed in order to keep the project on schedule. When a proposed change to the construction contract was being considered, Mr. Adams communicated with the Owner and contractor and guarded the Owner’s contingency as if the cost was coming from his own pocket. Because of their performance, the NC Department of Health and Human Services has hired Sigma on numerous other projects throughout the state of North Carolina with the same result, that being a successful project. I would highly recommend selecting Sigma on your project and I can say with confidence that in doing so you will have a successful project.” –Mr. Peter Veit, Chief, Facilities Engineering & Construction