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Sigma Engineered Solutions, P.C. provides engineering consult services for building mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and telecommunications. Our skilled staff of professional engineers and designers produces contract documents for use by our clients to bid and construct their building project. These documents include drawings, specifications, life cycle cost analyses, reports, studies, and other documents as requested by our clients. All of our work is designed within city, state, and national building codes and is subject to review and approval by the appropriate agencies. These documents may go through much iteration in order to meet client needs and owner budgets.

We also provide a complete range of construction administration services to further assist our clients in the completion of a project. These services may include formal and informal site observations, processing of construction-oriented paperwork, commissioning and checkout, contractor negotiations, and production of record drawings.

Other engineering consultations are available as defined by the needs of our clients. We can perform detailed site evaluations, provide energy analyses, make upgrade and renovation recommendations, become expert witnesses at trials, or other items within the bounds of our professional engineering licensure.