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Halle Cultural Arts Center

Sigma’s engineers teamed with Clearscapes PA to renovate this 7500 SF, c.1909 historic building converted into a multi-use cultural arts center. The project included HVAC and electrical renovations, and the  the installation of a new elevator. Sigma worked closely with the Town of Apex Departments of Utilities and Stormwater Management on this project.
This project won the “Capital Area Preservation – 2008 Anthemion Awards for Adaptive Re-use”.
This adaptive re-use project transformed a much-loved, but underutilized, Apex Historic Landmark into a community gathering place which now houses gallery, performance, and meeting spaces for residents and visitors. The community’s desire to preserve its collective memory of the building while providing the numerous ancillary spaces required to support a full-service multi-purpose gathering and performance space led to the design of two modest additions and a series of smaller interventions within the existing structure. The Halle Cultural Arts Center makes possible an efficient, contemporary use of an older building while preserving those portions and features which are significant to its historic, architectural, and cultural values for present and future generations to use and enjoy.”

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